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Keeping Your Garden Alive And Well

After I started focusing on planting a garden, I realized that there were some real problems with the plants that I had chosen. In addition to not doing very well in the plot of land that I had available for farming, I also realized that the area wasn't very attractive, which is why I started focusing on making some improvements. It was really incredible to see the difference that a few changes made. This website is all about keeping your garden alive and well, and knowing which plants can help or hurt your outdoors space. Check out this blog for great information that can help.


Keeping Your Garden Alive And Well

Interview Questions To Ask Potential Nannies For Your Children

Soham Diaz

If you are hiring a nanny for your children this summer, then it is important you know what questions you should ask each candidate you interview. Whether you choose to hire a nanny individually or through a household staffing agency, here is a list of appropriate questions for you to ask each nanny you select to interview:

1. What ages of children have you worked with in the past?

This question will show you if the candidates have experience with children of the same age as yours. This is important because taking care of a one-year-old baby is very different than caring for a five-year-old. 

2. Can you please tell me about your last nanny job and why you left?

The phrasing of this question is vital. It is meant to be vague and give the nanny a chance to tell you what parts of their past job they choose to share. Additionally, it gives them an opportunity to tell you why they left their last position. You would be surprised how many people don't think before speaking and will tell you things like how they were recently fired.

3. Do you know how to swim?

If your home has a swimming pool or your nanny will be taking your children to a community pool, then it is vital that they know how to swim. 

4. Would you be comfortable keeping a journal and sharing it with me? 

One of the best ways to keep track of what your children are doing while they are with your new nanny is to ask the nanny to keep a journal. In this journal, they can record what activities each child participated in, how their behavior was, and what they ate. This simple task helps you keep better track of your children's lives and allows you to make adjustments when necessary.

5. Do you have any special abilities or hobbies you would be willing to teach my children?

Many nannies have special talents such as speaking other languages, playing musical instruments, or making crafts. Since children like to learn a lot of different things from a variety of different people in their lives, hiring a nanny that can teach your children something unique helps your children enjoy their time away from you. In addition, having a nanny with a special skill like teaching your children another language helps your children and nanny form a strong bond. Click here to learn more about household staffing agencies.