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Keeping Your Garden Alive And Well

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Keeping Your Garden Alive And Well

Three Tips To Make Cleaning The Outside Of Your Windows Easier

Soham Diaz

Many windows today fold inward so that you can clean the outside of the window from inside your home. However, if you still have older windows that don't boast this feature, you'll need to climb up on a ladder and clean the outsides of the windows from that position. This is obviously far more difficult, but it does not have to be as tough as you might think. Follow these three tips to make cleaning the outsides of your windows a lot easier.

1. Use suds rather than a window cleaner.

If you've never cleaned the outsides of windows before, you might be surprised to learn that the window cleaner you use indoors is not the right product for the job. Instead, you want to use a mixture of soap and water. Dish soap will do, though there are also specialty window cleaning soaps on the market. Mix the solution with water in a bucket, and use a sponge mop on a long handle to apply it to the windows. Remember to rub in circles, as this helps loosen the grime easily.

2. Use a squeegee.

Trying to rub a window dry without creating streaks takes a lot of time and is not that easy when you're perched on a ladder. Instead of drying your windows with a towel, try removing all of the suds with a long-handled squeegee. Start at the upper left corner, drag the squeegee straight across, and then create a second "line" going from right to left--just underneath the first line. Go back and forth until the entire window is free of suds. Your results will be streak-free, and you won't have to stand so close to the window.

3. Hang your supplies on your ladder.

Holding on to all of your equipment while you work can be challenging. One of the easiest ways to keep things on-hand while you work is to hang items from your ladder. You can find hooks that hook over a ladder rung at most hardware stores. Use one to suspend your bucket of water, and use a second one to suspend an empty bucket. You can set your sponge mop or squeegee in the empty bucket when you're not using it. 

In addition to following the tips above, make sure you have a friend or neighbor present when you're cleaning. They can hold the ladder and run to get you supplies as needed.

If you decide that your windows are to high and dangerous for you to clean yourself, then contact a window cleaning company, like Bravo Cleaning & Restoration. They can come and complete the job safely for you.