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Keeping Your Garden Alive And Well

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Keeping Your Garden Alive And Well

Four Kitchen Countertop Options To Think About Using

Soham Diaz

In the process of remodeling your kitchen? One decision you'll need to make it what kind of countertops you will install. With so many options, it can feel a bit overwhelming to make this important kitchen renovation decision. Here is what you need to know about four potential kitchen countertop options.


Granite can help provide a customized look to a kitchen that cannot be duplicated elsewhere. This is due to the unique patterns in granite that come from how the stone is made in the earth. No two pieces of granite are exactly alike, which means you'll have to do quite a bit of browsing to find the precise color variation that fits the look of your kitchen. Once you pick out a slab, the countertops that you want will be created to the specifications of your new kitchen for the installation, so be aware that it will cause visible seams in areas where two pieces of granite join together.


You may not think of concrete as a kitchen countertop option because you are envisioning the color and texture of concrete used for sidewalks and driveways. However, concrete has the ability to take different shapes and color patterns when used for a countertop, since dyes are used to change its appearance. It can even be smoothed and polished so that the material feels nothing like the concrete you are imagining. One of the interesting aspects of concrete is that items can be put into the concrete before it is sealed. Stones, rocks, and shells can be used to create a unique surface for your countertops.

Butcher Blocks

Using butcher blocks for your countertops can make your countertops look rustic, with the appearance of your countertops looking like a gigantic wood cutting board. This biggest advantage of this style of countertop is that you can do your prep work right on the surface, since that is what it is designed for. Since it is made of wood, the material must be periodically sealed to help it last a long time.


The biggest advantage of using tile for a countertop material is the customized look. Many homeowners use tile to form a unique mosaic look by combining different colored tiles. This is one material you'll definitely want to have professionally installed to ensure that the tile pieces are placed in an even and uniform matter, since you'll be working closely with the material and more likely to notice imperfections in the installation.

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