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Keeping Your Garden Alive And Well

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Keeping Your Garden Alive And Well

5 Elements Of Closet Organization Systems

Soham Diaz

If you've looked at custom closet organization systems, you've likely also noticed that there are tons of options available. It can be helpful to break custom closet systems down into their elements, so this article will examine 5 different options. Bear in mind that many of these solutions are not mutually exclusive and can be used in a mix-and-match fashion.

Shelf Units

The main question in bringing order to a closet is how to maximize the available space while also imposing structure. Shelf units usually involve placing a series of shelves around a main hanging area. Each shelf can be used to stow away specific items, and the hanging area allows you to put stuff you don't want to be folded in a space where they'll be fine. It's not the fanciest-looking solution, but it's certainly one of the most orderly and easy-to-follow.

Valet Rods

These are rods that stick out from the normal hanging space. The goal is to provide a place where you can pre-position clothing. For example, you might want to set out tomorrow's work outfit. Rather than laying it out on a bed or a dresser, you can place it on a valet rod. This is more of an organizational trick than one meant to enhance storage, but it's a great solution for folks who have to deal with busy schedules.

Pull-Out Trays and Drawers

Being able to keep items out of sight is critical, even in a closet. Not only is this approach more aesthetically pleasing, but it can keep household dust from settling on items you might not use all the time. On the downside, they can keep you from seeing stuff, and that can lead to an excessive collection. Try not to employ more trays and drawers than you absolutely need.


Integrating baskets into your closet is a good way to streamline the process of putting fresh laundry in a room. Removable baskets can be used to collect items that aren't highly demanding, such as linens. When you need to grab some items, just pull them out. Once the basket is empty, you know it's probably time to do some laundry. Keep a few spare units so you can maintain a steady rotation between the bedroom and the laundry room.

Custom Accessories

If you have a lot of a particular item, don't be afraid to build toward that. Extra rods, belt racks, and other less-used solutions can make a closet vastly more functional for you.

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