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Keeping Your Garden Alive And Well

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Keeping Your Garden Alive And Well

3 Ways To Extend The Lifespan Of Newly Installed Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Soham Diaz

Having wood cabinetry installed in your kitchen can be a fantastic idea when you've been itching to update your kitchen and want features that last. Rather than get vinyl or particleboard cabinetry installed and need to have them replaced soon after, wood cabinets can give your kitchen an update you'll enjoy for years.

If you're interested in giving your wood cabinets the best chance of staying in great shape for a long time, the following tips can be useful.

Insist on a Quality Polish

Instead of having wood cabinets installed and beginning to fill them with your things right away, you need to make sure that the polish is applied. Wood polish should be applied to the cabinets soon after they've been installed and cleaned since it can dramatically improve the condition that they're in over the years.

Looking for polish designed for wood cabinets, making sure it won't affect the appearance, and applying it correctly can ensure that this task is done as it should.

Keep Up With Routine Cleaning

Making sure that your wood cabinets look great over the years can mean coming up with a cleaning routine that works for you. Only cleaning the cabinets when they look especially bad can result in the cabinets looking cheap and showing wear and tear a lot more drastically.

Incorporating the habit of wiping down the cabinets as needed, even if you give everything a quick wipe each night, can ensure that the cabinets won't have a build-up of grime and dirt that can be apparent on your cabinets.

Avoid Excess Humidity

Moisture is unavoidable in the kitchen due to the use of water while cooking and doing the dishes, but some effort should be made to keep water droplets off of the cabinets. Instead of struggling to keep the cabinets dry due to the climate, you should make sure that your home isn't too humid inside.

Making sure to run a ventilator fan in the kitchen while cooking can also help keep the air free of excess moisture that can damage the wood.

After having wood cabinetry installed, it's so important for you to take the extra steps towards doing what you can to protect the wood finish. With the high cost of wood cabinetry compared to lower-quality cabinet materials, the above tips can help considerably in maintaining their quality and ensuring that the cabinets won't show visible wear or grime after being installed.