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Keeping Your Garden Alive And Well

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Keeping Your Garden Alive And Well

How To Shop For A Rooftop Tent

Soham Diaz

Rooftop tents are gaining in popularity. Unlike a traditional RV, you can access more camping areas and smaller spaces with just your standard vehicle. Further, you never need to worry about finding the perfect smooth campsite for a tent, either. The following guide can help you choose the right rooftop tent.

Rack Compatibility

Not all roof racks are compatible with all tents. If you already have a rack on your car, the first task is to check with the rack manufacturer to make sure the rack is compatible with rooftop tents. You can then determine which specific tent models and brands work for your rack. If you don't have a rack or if you need to upgrade to a compatible rack, then it makes more sense to first find the tent you like and then purchase a rack that is compatible with that tent model.

Dynamic Weight Capacity

Your roof has two listed weight capacities. The static capacity is how much it can hold when the car isn't in motion. This capacity isn't usually a concern with a roof tent. The dynamic capacity is the weight it can hold when the car is in motion. If you choose a tent with a weight above your car's capacity, then you will experience excess drag from poor aerodynamics as well as more dangerous handling when you are in motion. Your car's dynamic capacity is listed in your owner's manual so make sure you choose a tent that falls within the weight limits for your vehicle.

Installation Support

Although a rooftop tent is much quicker to set up than many ground tents of similar features and size, the initial installation can be a bit more difficult. You need to be sure everything is attached correctly so that the tent is both safe when on the road and when it is in use. It can be helpful to choose a tent from a supplier that provides installation services or at least phone support for those trying to install the tent themselves.

Extra Features

Finally, think about any extra features you would like in your tent. For example, a hardtop tent is less likely to suffer damage when it isn't in use, especially UV damage. Or, perhaps you would like an annex added on the tent for extra room or storage. You can even find rooftop tents with expandable awnings, some even curtained, that provide you with more ground space for your camp in poor weather.

The right rooftop tent can help take your camping to the next level, so make sure that you do your research.

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