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Keeping Your Garden Alive And Well

After I started focusing on planting a garden, I realized that there were some real problems with the plants that I had chosen. In addition to not doing very well in the plot of land that I had available for farming, I also realized that the area wasn't very attractive, which is why I started focusing on making some improvements. It was really incredible to see the difference that a few changes made. This website is all about keeping your garden alive and well, and knowing which plants can help or hurt your outdoors space. Check out this blog for great information that can help.


Keeping Your Garden Alive And Well

Wonderfully Weathered: Ridgestone In The Garden

Soham Diaz

When it comes to landscaping, the overall aesthetic and effect of the completed project are of supreme importance. Those looking for an authentic, weathered look when choosing a stone to compliment their landscaping or home project may come across ridgestone. This type of stone evokes being subjected to the elements, weathered and worn yet still retaining a dignified and solid structure. It is a hearty stone that comes in a variety of colors to perfectly suit any desired look. Here is simply one way in which to use this remarkable stone that is sure to impress. 

Ridgestone retains a worn look, and the best way to use this for landscaping purposes would be in a wall that evokes being exposed to the elements. Since this particular stone is chunky with a slightly cragged effect, it is perfect for a low wall in the perimeter of a garden. The height for this particular low wall would work best under four feet, but adjustments can certainly be made for those looking for something taller. However, it is important to consider the size of these stones lest they draw the eye away from the garden itself. Because ridgestone has a very distinctive look, a little goes a long way. A wall that is too tall in height can be overwhelming to the eye and detract from the rest of the garden.

The lower wall and the colors of the stones selected should also be made to blend into the elements around it. If one is aiming for the aesthetic of a Zen garden, for instance, darker greys and neutral colors would work perfectly. Those hoping to achieve a more western look can opt for ridgestone in a variety of pinks, oranges, and browns. Placement and layout of the wall itself should also be considered for the maximum effect of the desired aesthetic. Due to the worn and weathered look being so flexible, it can be used as a border wall but also an accent wall to lend to the garden a rustic feel. 

Though this is only one way in which to use this remarkable stone, it can certainly also be used in an expansive list of ways both inside and outside the home. The use of ridgestone in a garden or landscape draws the eye of the viewer and offers those relaxing in its environment an authentic and cozy experience. Hearty and solid, this stone will be sure to last as a structure both in functionality and overall aesthetic effect.