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Keeping Your Garden Alive And Well

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Keeping Your Garden Alive And Well

Install A Canvas Canopy At Your Seasonal Campsite

Soham Diaz

Install a waterproof canvas canopy at your seasonal campsite to provide plenty of shelter from precipitation and sunlight. If eating or sitting outdoors are two of the activities that you enjoy during each camping excursion, having a bit of protection overhead will be beneficial.

The Layout

Canvas canopy products include either a grommet-edged design or one that requires clips to be used during the installation process. A large camping tent can be used to support one side of a canopy or you can purchase a framed product that can be attached to a trailer and extended whenever you want to add privacy to your outdoor dining and sitting area.

Another product type is one that consists of a single piece of fabric that is attached to fiberglass poles. This type of canopy will retain an arched shape and can be secured over a dome tent. The canopy will extend outward from the tent, providing your campsite with a covered porch area.

Once a canopy is installed properly, the entrance to the tent will not be blocked and the covered area can be used for outdoor dining purposes or the storage of shoes, fishing gear, or other camping essentials that won't fit inside of the tent.

Fabric Colors And Patterns And Portability

Canvas fabric that is a dark color will absorb more heat than a lighter color. If you choose a dark-colored fabric or one that contains a pattern that consists of dark and light colors, look for a product that contains a UV coating that will aid with the reflection of the sun's rays.

Purchase a canvas canopy that is a custom size and consider a product that is lightweight and portable. A product that includes all of the gear necessary for the installation of the canopy and that is contained inside of a tote will not take up a lot of space and will be convenient to transport. After you have installed a canopy, enjoy using it throughout the season.

Basic maintenance will include removing fallen debris from the canopy's surface. If you want to avoid the possibility of damage occurring to the canopy, set up your tent or travel trailer and the canopy in an area that is not located under dense foliage.

At the end of the camping season, disassemble the canopy, using the same steps you used for assembly purposes. Use a canvas cleaning agent to clean the canopy. Fold the fabric and place it inside of its tote.

Contact a company like Evans Awning to learn more about canvas canopies.