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Keeping Your Garden Alive And Well

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Keeping Your Garden Alive And Well

Five Features To Consider For Your Luxury Laundry Room

Soham Diaz

Every year, thousands of property owners reach out to luxury interior design experts to discuss the ways they want to revamp their living quarters for a more high-end home-life experience. While most people will be asking about luxury bathrooms, chef-worthy kitchens, and suite-like bedrooms, you may be surprised to learn that luxury laundry rooms are also gaining in popularity. 

While the laundry room may seem like merely a place to wash and dry clothing, these rooms can offer much more functionality and even high-end designer appeal. If you are considering a laundry room redo with a luxury flair in mind, you may want to consider a few of these upscale features. 

1. Cabinetry 

Integrating nice, sizable cabinetry in your laundry room offers so much more space for additional storage. You could go with large floor-level cabinets to stow away your laundry baskets, cabinets over your appliances to house extra laundry supplies, and even drawers to house all those small items like clothespins and lint rollers. 

2. Utility Sink 

If you are like most people, you will find a lot of uses for a utility sink while working in the laundry room. A nice, large sink gives you space to rinse out your mop, pre-wash especially soiled clothing, and even just wash your hands after handling dirty laundry. As an added touch, the sink can be surrounded by a nice countertop and your washer and dryer can be installed beneath for a nice finished look. 

3. Center Island 

A center island in your laundry room gives you that extra work surface you always find you need while folding and sorting laundry or performing everyday tasks. The island can be outfitted with lower cabinets for extra storage or left open for a more airy feel. 

4. Pet-Related Build-Ins 

The laundry room is commonly a place for pet-related items. You may have a dog bed you keep in the space or even a place for feeding. If you do have a pet that frequents the laundry room, you could work with a luxury interior designer to build in things like feeding stations that can be tucked away by closing a drawer or even a nice kenneling area.

5. Lockers 

The laundry room can become the catch-all for everyone's things — extra shoes, jackets waiting to be washed, backpacks, etcetera. Working with a luxury interior design professional to integrate a series of storage lockers allows you to allocate a space for each member of the household. 

Reach out to a luxury interior design service today for more information.