Keeping Your Garden Alive And Well
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Keeping Your Garden Alive And Well

After I started focusing on planting a garden, I realized that there were some real problems with the plants that I had chosen. In addition to not doing very well in the plot of land that I had available for farming, I also realized that the area wasn't very attractive, which is why I started focusing on making some improvements. It was really incredible to see the difference that a few changes made. This website is all about keeping your garden alive and well, and knowing which plants can help or hurt your outdoors space. Check out this blog for great information that can help.


Keeping Your Garden Alive And Well

  • Install A Canvas Canopy At Your Seasonal Campsite

    22 December 2020

    Install a waterproof canvas canopy at your seasonal campsite to provide plenty of shelter from precipitation and sunlight. If eating or sitting outdoors are two of the activities that you enjoy during each camping excursion, having a bit of protection overhead will be beneficial. The Layout Canvas canopy products include either a grommet-edged design or one that requires clips to be used during the installation process. A large camping tent can be used to support one side of a canopy or you can purchase a framed product that can be attached to a trailer and extended whenever you want to add privacy to your outdoor dining and sitting area.

  • Why It's Important You Have the Right Lighting for Your Coastal Home

    8 December 2020

    Living near the beach or a lake has many benefits. Not only is the climate often more enjoyable, but the views are to die for and the many opportunities to enjoy the water, from fishing to simply swimming, are the envy of everyone who lives inland. However, living near the coast does come with its own problems that you need to be aware of and prepare your home for. Nowhere is this more clear than with your home's lighting.

  • Wonderfully Weathered: Ridgestone In The Garden

    21 September 2020

    When it comes to landscaping, the overall aesthetic and effect of the completed project are of supreme importance. Those looking for an authentic, weathered look when choosing a stone to compliment their landscaping or home project may come across ridgestone. This type of stone evokes being subjected to the elements, weathered and worn yet still retaining a dignified and solid structure. It is a hearty stone that comes in a variety of colors to perfectly suit any desired look.

  • 3 Different Ways To Use Glass In Your Home

    24 July 2020

    If you want your home to have an open and airy feeling, you should examine how much glass you are using in your home. Glass can be used in a variety of ways to enhance the look and appearance of your home. Way #1: Big Glass Windows When people think about windows, they often think about the small windows that you slide open and closed that are used in bedrooms. Only putting in small windows can really limit your options.

  • How To Shop For A Rooftop Tent

    8 May 2020

    Rooftop tents are gaining in popularity. Unlike a traditional RV, you can access more camping areas and smaller spaces with just your standard vehicle. Further, you never need to worry about finding the perfect smooth campsite for a tent, either. The following guide can help you choose the right rooftop tent. Rack Compatibility Not all roof racks are compatible with all tents. If you already have a rack on your car, the first task is to check with the rack manufacturer to make sure the rack is compatible with rooftop tents.